New Foundations Home Education IS CURRENTLY dealing with Covid as you all are, our life has been on hold waiting for this to pass as it will but so many things have been disrupted and delayed that we have found our selves with out a workable venue for the time being.  In the meantime we can of course organise meet ups out side weather permitting and we will keep chasing places to use even as a one of such as libaries/community centres. If anyone has any ideas to share please contact us via the contacts page. Watch facebook and stay in touch so you dont miss out on any up comming activities.

As you look around the site you will find we try

and do our best to provide good links to a variety of educational sites as well as other groups in Wales. The group takes pride in bringing together families and children of all ages to socialise both at the group and outside.

At New Foundations Home Education we don't judge each other’s choices. We are home educators that accept children/families of all ages, genders and nationalities every one is welcome.

We have a strict no bullying policy so that children and adults can feel safe.

We encourage feedback and/or suggestions so you can let us know what you want to do here so we can work together on making it happen..


New Foundations has been established since 2008

From the 1st October 2013 New Foundations Home Education is a

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registration number no.